Advertising Week 2014: Going Native – who’s winning the content war?

The words ‘RedBull’ and ‘Nike’ are banned from this session.’ Not that Wired publisher and panel chair Rupert Turnbull has anything against the big tick or winged beverage. The point is there are so many other brands doing good content-driven stuff that deserve our attention…


Content Conundrum


While the Guinness/Jonathan Ross debacle surfaced as a prime example of ‘content gone wrong’, the consensus that ‘content is still a fledgling notion, we have to experiment and sometimes we’re going to get it wrong,’ put an audience still grappling with the concept at ease.

Though ITV’s Simon Daglish bemoaned, ‘90% of content is crap’, there was general agreement that when content is highly relevant, synced to multiple devices and a true reflection of ‘what the consumer wants’, it can add significant value. Three brands (outside of the embargo list) were singled out:

Juicy Couture: Snap-happy

The first fashion brand to use Snapchat Stories as an advertising platform to reach out to its 2.5m fans and expose the kind of behind-the-scenes views young fashionistas love.

Nickelodeon: Comic Timing

The media owner released Avatar spin-off, Legend of Korra, in a Tumblr campaign that went viral as fans shared content in order to ‘unlock’ the cartoon series premiere online.

And Compare the Market…

Yes, those infuriatingly charming little tykes reared their fluffy heads yet again, as a prime example of effective content. They may be getting a little tired, but the insurance collator continues to reap the benefits, and Aleksandr and pals remain the second highest soft toys import in the UK after Disney.