The Kitbox challenge

Three schools, 36 students, one founding partner. And a load of kit… M&C Saatchi has recently been working on a project with Kitbox, a company that equips students with business knowledge before they leave school, by… Continue reading

Boots #SpecialBecause: On the road…

There’s been a flurry of #SpecialBecause tweets hitting Boots UK since the launch of our Christmas campaign. So, we toured the UK and surprised a few people with some very special moments… Local dance group gets… Continue reading

I’m no hero: on set with Idris Elba

Three countries, six international football stars, a world-class actor and one broken back; it took a whole lot of ingenuity to get Africa United’s Ebola campaign off the ground. Associate creative directors Matt… Continue reading

From NHS spend to Britain’s perfect pooch: David McCandless on data journalism

Those stats reports on your desk. You know, the door stoppers that get pushed aside in favour of just about anything else on your to-do list. Well, what if they read like a… Continue reading

The House of Peroni masterclass: Odette Toilette

Brewing ales, mixing paints, perfumery; different skills they may be, but for the upper echelons of ancient Rome, it was all alchemy. With plenty such artistry going on at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Jessica… Continue reading

Bizarre brand histories: unsung stories

Pickled eggs, whiskey blitzers, master blender action figures; the new ‘could-be-true’ brand story from Ballantine’s is so deliciously far-fetched, it tickled us to think there might be other companies out there with their… Continue reading

Augmented reality: new dawn for print?

Not that print ever went away. It’s stuck in there like a marathon runner. Or a persistent cough. The worldwide web might be a click away, but sometimes, a glossy mag wins out.… Continue reading

would you cross to the dark side?

Drugs, porn, spies and trolls; the ‘dark net’ seems a sordid place. But is it all bad? At our latest breakfast club we were joined by Jamie Bartlett, Director of the Centre for… Continue reading

Tackling impossible problems: how TfL ‘Share The Road’ took shape

Encouraging London’s busy commuters to think before they fly off the handle… Bustling, fast-paced, frenetic, beautiful; London’s streets are never still. Busy commuters are constantly navigating their route among the throng, and it’s… Continue reading

M&C Saatchi showreel 2014

Want to really get a feel for what we’re about? Take a peek at our new agency sizzler…  

TfL ‘Share The Road’: Behind the scenes

ECD Elspeth Lynn and Senior Account Director Michael Wilton offer up insider knowledge on the making of Transport for London’s latest campaign to combat road rage… This is a big departure from recent… Continue reading

The Curve comes to Cannes

Amidst the scramble for shortlists and faint rumble of roaring Lions, gaming expert and renowned author Nicholas Lovell joined international delegates to talk ‘freeloaders, ‘superfans’ and how brands can benefit from both… His… Continue reading

Shooting in Havana

As mojitos flow in dusky bars and streets brim with salsa beats, art directors Mark Goodwin and Grant Parker touch down in Cuba’s pulsating capital to take on Havana Club’s latest campaign…   … Continue reading

Brainy Bunch: Fighting Cancer with VR Gaming

Brain tumours. They suck. A lot. You can’t see them, or touch them. They’re tricky to control. So, M&C Saatchi teamed up with The Brain Tumour Charity and invented a game to battle… Continue reading

OFFF Festival: Best of Barcelona

It’s the digital age (you may have heard…) But while some agencies ditch the drawing and declare ‘paper is dead’, our own Michela Nicchiotti scopes out Europe’s largest creative showcase to see what… Continue reading

The House of Peroni: Into the Blue…

Labyrinthine galleries, a modern take on classic Italian cuisine and the latest from Milan’s wardrobe; with its third residency well under way, Jessica Basi heads to Lincoln’s Inn Fields to scope out ‘the… Continue reading

Inspiration Hour: Rachel Sermanni

One voice. One acoustic guitar. One incredible sound. Scottish singer Rachel Sermanni has toured Europe, set up camp in the independent music charts and fronted an RBS ‘here for you’ campaign. She reflects… Continue reading

Inspiration Hour: Andrew Ruhemann

‘Give us a world that can be our own.’ The standard brief that lands on Passion Pictures CEO Andrew Ruhemann’s desk. His Oscar-strewn desk. Be it TV ads, virtual music bands or animated… Continue reading

Inspiration Hour: Tim Shieff

World-class free-runner Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff has toured Asia. He’s climbed pyramids. He’s scaled Manhattan’s lofty high rises (good scaffolding apparently…) What’s the next natural step? A motivational Q&A with M&C Saatchi’s athletically challenged. Obviously.  … Continue reading

Inspiration Hour: Viv Groskop

Launch a career in stand-up at age 40 while penning a book and sticking to the day job… Unusual? A little. Hare-brained? Certainly. But possible? Hell yes. Journalist, author of I Laughed I Cried… Continue reading

Five ways the internet has changed the world

The world wide web is 25 years old this year. Hurray. Happy birthday Internet. As it enters its next quarter century, we take a look at how online antics have transformed modern life… 1. Love and… Continue reading

Future of Advertising

  ‘We’re no longer advertising agencies. We’re brand guardians.’ M&C Saatchi Group CEO Lisa Thomas and Ogilvy CEO Cheryl Giovannoni took the stand at Future of Advertising as The Guardian grilled these two… Continue reading

Advertising Week 2014: News Knight

Sir Trevor McDonald OBE talked story-telling, documentaries as a medium and falling for the charms of a contract killer as he took his audience through interviews with tyrannical world leaders, and instances of… Continue reading

Advertising Week 2014: YouTube – Stealing Focus

  How do brands turn viewers into ‘super fans’? Well, according to Alfie Deyes (author of PointlessBlog) and go-to beauty tip lady Lily Pebbles, two YouTube sensations in their twenties, currently making a living purely… Continue reading

Advertising Week 2014: In The Sweat or in The Blood?

Nature or nurture? Natural talent of hard graft? Why do some folk reach the top of their field while others are left trailing behind? M&C Saatchi caught up with Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton CBE and cricketer Andrew ‘Freddie’… Continue reading

Advertising Week 2014: The Content Conundrum

  It’s the word of 2014. Cropping up everywhere and causing all kinds of mischief. But what exactly is ‘content’? And who is best placed to create it? In Mindshare’s open-floor debate they… Continue reading

Advertising Week 2014: Going Native – who’s winning the content war?

The words ‘RedBull’ and ‘Nike’ are banned from this session.’ Not that Wired publisher and panel chair Rupert Turnbull has anything against the big tick or winged beverage. The point is there are so many… Continue reading

Advertising Week 2014: Braving the Way

We’re ideas people. We brainstorm, play around with InDesign, parade about production sets and down much too much coffee; we’re advertisers, not firemen. You don’t tend to watch an advert and say to… Continue reading

Advertising Week 2014: The 30 Second Gag

When you gather together the brains behind the UK’s best comedy programmes and stick them on a panel, you’re guaranteed a few laughs. But what do these comedic minds believe is the golden… Continue reading

Advertising Week 2014: Is Advertising Bulls**t?

‘When Armageddon strikes, there will be two things left in this world; cockroaches and copywriters…’ A former creative himself, US ‘ad contrarian’ Bob Hoffman is the first to own the influence, effectiveness and… Continue reading